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Bala Sizzling

These dishes are cooked to individual requirements & served on a hot sizzling platter giving it a unique flavour. Most dishes can be served at an additional cost on the sizzling platter

  • Sizzling Bala

    Strips of chickne or Welsh lamb, stir fried in a tomato sauce

  • Sizzling Balti

    Traditional balti dishes cooked and served on the sizzling platter

  • Sizzling Chingri

    Fresh garlic, ginger & spring onions are added with frsh coriander to make this tiger king prawn dish rich in flavour

  • Sizzling Handi

    Chicken or Welsh lamb cooked wit fresh garlic, onion, peppers & bullet chillies in a thick sauce

  • Sizzling Keema

    Minced meat cooked with peas, fresh & driede herbs with frsh green chillies

  • Sizzling Mix

    Chicken tikka, Welsh lamb tikka & seek kebab cooked with bay leaves, cardomon, cinnamon & a special blend of Balas own spices

  • Sizzling Welsh Lamb

    Rich dish with local Welsh lamb, locally sourced potatos, slow cooked with onions, herbs & fresh cream. Topped with a delicate Welsh cheddar cheese

  • Sizzling Zamela

    Tandoor cooked chicken stripped off the bone, cooked in a Bangladeshi homemade mango pickle and crushed methi leaves