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Fish Dishes

Fish is an integral part of Bangladeshi cuisine,& fangash is one of the nations favourite. Fillet of fangash delicately cooked to a medium strength but can be spiced slightly up to bring out the best of the dishes.

  • Fangash Aloo

    Potato added to a spicy sauce with fangash fish fresh coriander.

  • Fangash Bhuna

    Medium spiced fish cooked with coriander, tomato & fresh herbs.

  • Fangash Rogan

    Medium spiced curry topped with sauteed tomatoes

  • Fangash Shatkora

    Balas own recipe with fresh garlic coriander, spring onions & a wedge of Bangladeshi shatkora (citrus fruit).

  • Fangash Shorisha Bata

    Medium spiced dish cooked with mustard seeds & mustard oil.